5 Beautifully Wrapped Gifts Using Feathers

I will be sharing what I have posted on Noruyo Creations’ Pinterest Board. It has been a very interesting week with lotsa pins in the Pineverse! Let me start off by saying that while it is in my best intentions to really link the pins accurately, some links may be brought to the pin by other pinners with links that may be inappropriate or inaccurate. I do understand how difficult it is to produce quality content and images on your blog, then having to see it pinned with no source link attached to it. If in any ways, I have pinned your pins inaccurately, please drop me a personal message here and I will fix it right away.  Support creatives all around the world!

5 Beautifully Wrapped Gifts Using Feathers

It’s never to early to learn great gift wrapping techniques in preparation for the biggest gift wrapping event of the year — Christmas! Besides birthdays, that is. Feathers are a great addition to gift wrapping, and should be placed on all decorations in my opinion! :D
Let’s begin the list of inspiration with this:
Bad Feather Day
Source: Funny Meme

No, no. On a (less) serious note, here’s what inspired us! The thing about gift wrapping is to not spend lots of money on the wrapping paper, but spend lots of love time making it look grand. What I’m trying to say is, it’s not about the amount you spend on the wrapping paper, it’s about your effort. Trust me, effort shows really clearly when done with utmost sincerity. That’s just how we work, I guess.

5 Beautifully Wrapped Gifts using Feathers via noruyo.net

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5 Amazing Ideas to Glamify Your Office Space

I’ve moved into a new office that comes attached with a new job. I am now a full-time Social Media Executive, and a part-time entrepreneur. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to spend less time on my businesses — it just means I’m going to be extra focused on weekends on my business. I am actually very thankful that this company I am working at (a rising social media company, btw) allows me to continue my business. Of course, I should not compromise my KPIs and performance at work because of my business. I just have to juggle and manage my time well!

5 Amazing Ideas to Glamify Your Office Space | noruyo.net


Today, I’m inspired to share 5 Ideas to Glamify Your Office Space. You’ve read in the last post that we shared what we really loved to be part of any office space. Today, we’re sharing how to add an element of glam and glitter to your office spaceOf course, do this with discretion: if your company does not have a culture of adding personal touch to your desks, get prior permission from your management! In this post, you’re going to be expecting a lot of gold. Don’t be shocked!

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5+ Office Decor Ideas We Digg

When we first began our Early Adopters stage in Pinterest, the first thing that caught our attention wasn’t stationery (like we do now, actually) but it was home decor. Surprisingly, Pinterest wave entered Singapore quite late. However, being the early adopter in Singapore itself had its advantages — I always shared the prettiest photos online (which I credit properly). I do go URL crazy and check every single pin I was going to share on other social networking sites; I had to make sure that all were legit, and came directly from the source. I know it can be tiring at times when we pin our images nicely, but once it’s repinned, it’s modified into something else.

5+ Office Decor Ideas We Digg


This Friday, we are starting with our first feature, Lifestyle: Home Decor. Every Friday, we will share what we find most interesting and gorgeous from our Pinterest search. We begin today with 5+ Home Decor Ideas We Digg.



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5 Business Tips I Learnt from Crabs

I know.. You must be wondering “Has Huda gone mad? Does she even know what she is talking about?”

Yes, I know. Crabs, right?

What can you learn from crabs? They’re just living creatures. Probably they know nothing about business.

Don’t get me wrong. I love crabs. I have a minor allergy, but I still pray that I will be fine after I eat an awesome crab. Life’s just too short to not be able to enjoy the best parts of life, right? :P

TungLok Chilli Crab

TungLok Chilli Crab • Photo Credit: Gastronomy

Being a born and raised Singaporean, let’s talk Chilli Crabs. You know, I’ve not found the best Halal Chilli Crabs yet. But that isn’t the focus for today. Now, let’s not talk food.

While most of us sit around to wait for this amazing Singaporean Special, not many notice the aquarium of crabs by the side. I had this analogy when I was in my first year in University. Bear with me, and consider this:

If you notice the crabs in the aquarium, they are constantly moving — to get out of the aquarium. They will try till their last breath I would say. Now, how do they move? Of course, we know they walk sideways. But do you notice that they are always on one side of the aquarium?

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Hello world!

Quite apt don’t you think?

Today, I turn 23. And this happens to be the first blog post on my newly modified blog. Very apt indeed.

Huda Hamid turns 23

I didn’t like this picture at all. Not because I’m wearing specs, but because it’s blur. Hehe. But I still love my friend who took this for me. There’s a story behind this picture too. You see the unclear cake? When I stepped into Bishan Park’s McDonald’s, that was the first cake that I saw. In my heart, I went “Okay, once I place my bag down, I’m going to order that”. Being me, I didn’t order that. I just ordered my standard Medium Green Tea, No Ice and completely forgot about the cake. As I was enjoying my drink, my two dearest ladies came with a loud “HAPPP….y birthday to you…” You’ve guessed it, my birthday cake. So adorable <3

Who is Huda Hamid?

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